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The principals of the company are Martin (Marty) Pozgay, who is co-owner and president and Charity Cicardo, co-owner and vice president.  The company contracts with Jim Staack of Staack & Simms, PA, a law firm that specializes in real estate law to assist with the legal aspects of a resident purchase.  This firm also provides the legal documentation for the individual shareholders and the corporate documents.


In addition to these individuals, there are numerous professionals who assist during a resident purchase including surveyors, appraisers, lending institution personnel and engineers.


FCSG has raised more than one half billion dollars in loans and equity to successfully complete more resident purchases than any other company, and it owes its success to having qualified personnel who know the industry and understand the concerns of residents.

Florida Community Services Group Inc. began in 1987.  Since that time, it has become the premier company in Florida to complete mobile home resident purchases.  Since 2000, the company has assisted 40 mobile home owners associations with the purchase of their communities which ranged in size from 60 to 950 lots with a variety of features and amenities.  In January 2006, the company completed the two largest resident purchases that have occurred in Florida; each was $60 million.



Marty Pozgay Resume
Charity Cicardo Resume
Jim Staack Resume

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