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 Florida Resident Owned Manufactured Home Communities

Resident owned manufactured home communities are a popular form of ownership and are growing every year. Some of these communities (typically subdivisions) began with the residents owning them, while many others were communities where residents used to rent their lots but now own their lots after the residents purchased the community.  When a rental community converts to a resident owned community it usually is in the form of a cooperative under Chapter 719, Florida Statutes.


Why is resident ownership popular? Because the residents own the community in which they live and they have control over what happens to the community.  Most of the communities are not for profit so all net profits go back to into the community to make them very well maintained. Florida has state laws that govern these types of communities to protect the resident owners. Those laws include Chapter 720 for subdivision, Chapter 719 for cooperatives, and Chapter 718 for condominiums.  These laws can be found here.


A list of all resident owned communities in Florida is found below. Select the first letter of the county to see what resident owned communities are located there. If a county is not listed, then to our knowledge no resident owned communities are located there.  All information was gleaned from county records.  If you have  information about a mobile home resident owned community that is not listed, contact us.

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