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Management Companies 

The following management companies specialize in resident owned manufactured home communities.  It's important for mobile home communities to use management companies that understand the unique aspects of manufactured housing especially communities that have been purchased by the residents, because there are lot owners and lot renters and different laws that pertain to each group. In addition, if the community has a mortgage, the board of directors typicallly will be required by the lender to engage professional management that must be approved by the lender. Be sure to review the community's mortgage documents to determine if this is a requirement.


Many older resident owned communities choose to hire an individual with a state community association manager's license. If hiring an individual, communities need to be sure they have established policies and procedures in place to deal with financial and legal aspects of the community, so the manager is clear about his or her role.


 Placement of these management companies on our site does not constitute an endorsement. This page is for resource purposes only.

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