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New Homes


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to purchase a new home?
New homes offer the latest technology, craftsmanship and design resulting in quality construction, superior electrical systems, interior appointments, spacious kitchens and luxury bathrooms--all with a five-year, wall-to-wall warranty!


How much does a new home cost?
Depending on the size and amenities, a new home can run from approximately $100,000 for an upgraded two bedroom/two bath 1,008 square foot home (24' x 42') to approximately $150,000 for an upgraded three bedroom/two bath 1,568 square feet home (28'x 56'). A good rule of thumb is $100 per square foot for a top-of-the line home with upgrades.

Our Expertise

Behind the Scenes Details!


There are lots of details that go into selecting, building and setting up a new home.  We take care of the details so you can enjoy the process! Here are some behind the scenes activities that you won't see but are ongoing:


  • Site evaluation to determine if the home you desire will fit on the lot.

  • Working with the community regarding utilities, existing water and irrigation lines and set-back requirements.

  • Knowledge of local zoning requirements, flood zones and other important laws that will impact your home.

  • Setting up the home properly including plumbing, electrical, skirting and air conditioning/heating.

  • Making sure that add-ons such as carports, screened rooms and utility sheds are professionally engineered to meet today's standards.

We Work For You!

You're not purchasing a used car.  You're purchasing a home where you will enjoy many years of memories.  We have 30 plus years in the manufactured home industry.  We are proud of our outstanding record of customer satisfaction.

We move at your pace. Whether you make decisions quickly or need time to think, we move when you are ready. That's one of the benefits of working with the sales office.  You know where to find us!

We're there after you move in to your home.  Your home will have a five-year, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling warranty.  We work with the manufacturer to ensure that any service required issues after move-in are scheduled and resolved.

We always treat you as if you are the only customer we are working with! Each customer deserves special attention!

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