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Top 3 mistakes owners make when protecting homes

Charity Cicardo

Although most of us love our homes and the mobile/manufactured or RV community we reside in, unfortunately, our homes and communities are often seen as easily accessible and prime targets for burglars and petty thieves. Bottom Line Magazine recently published a list of common mistakes made by homeowners in trying to protect their homes while they’re away. Here are three: Mistake #1: Hiding valuables in the bedroom. It’s the first place burglars look. Burglars spend 15 minutes or less in each house they rob. More than half that time is spent in the bedroom, checking the usual hiding places – the underwear drawer…under the mattress…in shoes… and on high closet shelves. If you don’t have a safe, hide valuables in places where burglars don’t think to look – above ceiling tiles, in the freezer or in fake bottles or cans made for that purpose. Don’t hide all your valuables in one place. A burglar is less likely to get everything if you put items in different places. Mistake #2: Leaving the lights on. A light that stays on all the time is no more of a deterrent than a dark house. In fact, it helps burglars see better once they’re inside. Use timers that turn lights on and off in different parts of the house at different times. Also, use motion detectors that activate lights or appliances if someone enters the room. Mistake #3: Having newspapers and mail delivery stopped when you are away. You may trust your mail and newspaper carriers, but the fact is you don’t know who else is getting the information. Keep your plans quiet. Have a neighbor or close friend pick up your paper or mail. Ask them to drop by at different times of the day. The more activity burglars see, the less likely they are to target your house. Over the years, I’ve found my own solution while on vacation or extended business trips. I invite a friend to stay at my house while I’m gone. My friends like the change of scenery, and I like the peace of mind while I’m sipping that pina colada on the sand.

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