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What to ask for in a new manufactured home

Marty Pozgay

In the market for a new manufactured home? We’ve written previously about the vast amenities available in the modern day manufactured home, such as stainless steel appliances, Whirlpool tubs, granite countertops and fireplaces. But what lies underneath is important too. Under all that glitz and glamour is the real heart of the home, and if you’re looking for a new manufactured home, that’s where you should start. Manufactured homes are engineered and constructed according to the federal building code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). There are manufacturers, however, that exceed the requirements established by HUD and tout these qualities in their marketing materials. So always ask the manufacturer’s representative about the home’s building standards. If the dealer has no clue or is hesitant about explaining the standards, you should probably move on to another manufacturer or dealer. Look for some of these construction features as you compare the many homes being offered by the various manufacturers: •Fiberglass shingle roof with a minimum twenty year warranty •R-30 ceiling insulation, R-19 exterior wall insulation and R-11 floor insulation •Vinyl lap siding with minimum thirty year warranty •2 inch x 6 inch exterior walls on 16 inch centers •2 inch x 4 inch interior walls on 16 inch centers •2 inch x 8 inch floor construction on 16 inch centers •Solid steel I-Beam header •Tie-down connectors It’s very important to look beneath the surface.

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