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Traditional site-built homeowners looking at manufactured housing

Marty Pozgay

What a difference a few years make. Not surprisingly, new manufactured home sales are increasing as dealers across the country are reporting increased sales to potential buyers who just a few years ago would have never thought about purchasing a manufactured home. At our office in Americana Cove in St. Petersburg we are seeing many first-time manufactured home buyers who are shopping, and we are seeing an increase in homeowners wanting to purchase new homes. So far this year eight new homes have been placed in the resident owned community.

Earlier in the year, Palm Harbor Homes located in Plant City were building so many homes that homeowners had to wait three months rather than six weeks to receive their homes. That's a good problem to have! The manufactured home picture isn’t rosy everywhere but one thing is apparent: There is a whole new group of potential buyers--many who are retirees--looking at manufactured housing that wouldn’t have a few years ago. The industry needs to focus on these buyers who need a more affordable, yet quality home to live in.

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