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Who's behind that website?

Charity Cicardo

Most users of the Internet do not take the time to figure out who is behind the website they are using. Many Internet users simply go to a site, read information and believe it to be true or at minimum unbiased. There is a simple way of discovering who is behind a website. Look for a link either at the top or bottom of the home page that states “About Us” or “About the Company.” Click to see who created the site. If you can’t find a link like that or it is “under construction,” then get off the site. It isn’t worth it. Any credible website will explain the company behind it; don’t waste your time on websites that don’t want you to know who created them. Unlike blogs, where the user understands a particular individual is giving his or her opinion on a subject, websites created by organizations or companies should explain their background. It’s just good business sense.

In this day and age, one needs to know where the information they are reading is coming from because so much information is not true or mixes fact and fiction. I don't like to be mislead and I"m sure you don't either. Be a smart consumer of news.

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