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History buffs: Website for RVers

Charity Cicardo

Americans have a love affair with their cars and trucks, and collectors truly obsess over their antique models. Well, the same can be said for vintage RVs. When the first car rolled off the assembly line, it wasn't long before a travel trailer followed. For those who are fascinated by history, is a website devoted to the history of RVs. Probably one of the first couples to travel cross country for a long period were Clinton and Merle Twiss, who were full timers before it was cool--back in the 1940s. The Twiss' traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada for two years at a time when long-term RV travel was not well established. Although RVs have changed considerably through the years, they also have stayed somewhat the same. Take a look at this interesting You Tube video that showcases vintage RVs through the years.


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